3d6 Orcs

What are these orcs up to? An exercise in converting the simplest of random encounters into something more memorable.

Training: Orc sergeants train young orcs how to survive and hunt in softskin lands
Homesteading: This band seeks an area of great danger for their new home; they want a place that will give them constant battle.  Should they encounter worthy enemies, two of them will break off the attack and retreat to the rest of their tribe to let them know a new home has been located.  The others will stay to consecrate the area in blood – theirs or yours, doesn’t matter.
Running: These orcs lost a battle with a wizard who then compelled them to run west and keep running. All are exhausted; several are near death. Their leader has been repeating a list of enemies in her head as she runs. The wizard is at the top of the list but she will seek vengeance on all who took advantage of them on their forced run.
Wedding Day. An orcish bride leads her wedding party on the traditional raid of the groom’s tribe.
Proselytizing. Orc penitents “cured” of their violent ways are now very aggressive about converting others.
Learning. Emissaries from a starving tribe are on a quest from their shaman to learn the human secret of Farming.
In Turmoil. 1d6 just ate something that set them raving against their fellows. The others are trying to subdue them. They will welcome help but you better not actually hurt their companions
Partying. Elven wine is strong stuff but it tastes like flowers. However, if you take the flowers out of it, dry them, and smoke them, then you can have some real fun.
Sabotage. Wielding elven weapons and carrying elven gear, they seek to stir up trouble between local humans and elves.
Right of Passage. The Hearteaters are on a quest to eat the heart of the most powerful enemy they can find. That might be the PCs, unless the PCs know something more impressive nearby.
Hunting. Dragon hunters seek to kill the beast that keeps raiding their homes. They are willing to pay for help.
Prisoners on parade. The local human ruler leads a band of orcish prisoners-of-war from village to village, seeking to raise funds and recruits for his war.
Dying. Orcs captured by the local ruler have been tied to stakes in the ground to die of starvation.  This act of humiliation is meant to convince other orcs that they won’t even get a good death in this land.
Seeking Redemption. Orc criminals act out the punishment for cowardice. They must attack everything that comes within their stone circle until one of those things kills them. If they die of starvation, they fail. If they die in violence, they are redeemed.


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